What about the rock?

December 7, 2017

Rock is one of the best music styles that exist. Created on the XX century, the rock still makes people feel better, giving motivation, inspiration, and even serving as a way to manifest radical thoughts through music.

Sometimes it is easy to associate the rock with the thought of intelligent people. Mostly because there are tons of music lyrics created and composed with the goal of showing the reality we live.

From the rock and roll, many different music styles was invented, and we can give a highlight to the metal in this subject. The metal is one of the most important music styles today, having the characteristic of being very strong and expressive, with guitar distortions and fast drums.

Of course, the main instrument on metal is the electric guitar, the musicians of a metal band rely on the guitarist solos in order to grant approval.

Stay tunned because we’ll have news shortly.

Let’s rock!

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